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Admissions Open : Certificate Programme in Management Essentials by IIM Shillong - till 30th March, 2024. Main module starting on 2nd April, 2024. 

Corporate Mentorship Program

Veteran Transition is a Global Challenge; it can be as complex as we want it to be. Definitely  a million conversations have been created around it.

But most of these do not add up to a simple honest and direct Corporate Mentorship Program.

At Sambhav Kadam we bring these Corporate Mentorship programs directly to you.

Our Corporate Mentorship Programs:

    • Ongoing: Tech Roles- 07 Officers – 01 May 2021 to 30 June 2021

Our Veteran-Corporate Mentorship Program by Leading MNC has elements of: 

  • Appreciation – of the Unique abilities and values that Veterans bring to the table
  • Mentoring- 
      1. Guidance on the Corporate Turf , Skill matching and likely jobs & roles that may lie ahead
      2. Person – role- skill fit & gaps
      3. Assistance towards bridging the gaps
  • Preparation
      1. Interview tips
      2. Mock Interviews, where applicable
  • Possibilities towards exploring roles within the organisation, where applicable and facilitation/ referrals

Time frame 2 to 4 months,
Commencement Mid June 2021

  • Month 1:  for Mentoring & identifying right career path in the Research and Analysis field.
  • Month 2:  for guidance on interview preparation and bridging skill gaps. 
  • Month 3-4: Follow-up where applicable. 

Retirement from Service Ideal Candidate should be retiring within 3 to 4 months of the commencement of batch i.e. positively retiring by mid-September/ early October 2021.

Age Less than 35 Years (as on 01 July 2021)

Skill sets Ideal candidate will have  good written and oral communication skills, someone who can make sense of a lot of inputs and create information and reports in terms of analysis through research, 

For eg:- a participant who has spent time in Intelligence, foreign Liaison or as Information officer etc, could be one of the suitable candidate with desired skill sets

**Participants will be mentored as per their preference for verticals within Company

  • One to One mentoring & Learning from Senior Corporate Leaders on real Corporate Jobs.
  • Dedicated assistance on identification of role fit, evaluation and guidance towards upskilling.
  1. Strong Commitment for the Program 
  2. Willingness to learn and upskill during coming 2 months
  3. Initial evaluation for fit with in the Mentorship Program
  1. Register and Apply for the Corporate Mentorship Program at Sambhav Kadam Foundation.
  2. Evaluation & Entry to Mentorship at sambhav Kadam Foundation
  3. Introduction, Guidance & Mentorship by MNC